Додала само една состојка во кафето а килограмите исчезнале (фото)


Ако не сте љубител на класични диети и попрво би се послужиле со одредени намирници за да ги согорите мастите, тогаш ви советуваме да го пронајдете идеалниот пијалок кој ќе можете да го пиете во текот на целиот ден, сподели рецепт оваа жена од Австралија која вели дека со овој рецепт успеала драстично да ослаби.

Многу луѓе го имаат кафето на ум, а во овој пијалок можете да ги доадете следните состојки кои ќе го стимулираат слабеењето.

Единствено што ви е потребно е брокули.

Исушете ги и измелени додадете една лажица во кафето.

За најдобри резултати се советува да го пиете два пати дневно.


Mushroom coffee is the latest U.S. trend, but Australian broccoli coffee may be next! . The concept was developed with a double aim of upping veggie intakes, and reducing food waste by using the "ugly" parts of broccoli that are typically discarded. . In a nutshell the veggie is dried, ground into a fine powder, and stirred into actual coffee. A 2 Tbsp portion provides one full broccoli serving. . So should you try it? Here's my take: . I love the idea of a product that helps reduce food waste AND provides a simple way to fit in more veggies, especially a cruciferous veg like broccoli, one of my top high performance foods. . In addition to providing potent anti-inflammatory compounds, broccoli: helps "detox" the body by binding to and excreting potentially harmful substances (including environmental pollutants) transforms the gut microbiome to better support immunity and reduce obesity risk is among the most protective foods for both heart disease and cancer . Attempting to add broccoli powder to coffee makes sense to me, because it’s something most people drink daily. And one of the best ways to create healthy change is to piggy back onto an existing habit. . But I realize this trend isn't for everyone. While I will definitely try it (I actually can't wait to get my hands on it!), the drink has received mixed reviews from the Melbourne coffee shop that's been serving it. . However, there are other ways to use it. If you just can’t stomach the idea of adding broccoli powder to your coffee, try another option, like whipping it into a smoothie, adding it to overnight oats along with fruit, or stirring it to mashed avocado as a topping for nearly anything. . For more check out the link in bio to @healthmagazine’s full article. . So what do you think? or Please vote below!

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